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Principles of HL360

Principles of HumLife360

Life comes first

We show you how

Nudge to motivate

Walk in your shoes

At HumLife360, we emphasize living your life is primary. Within that, we will help you to control your condition.

We know you have the desire to take control of diabetes, but life comes in the way. HumLife360 shows you how. Easily and for life.

Personalization is key here. A bulk of our effort is around understanding what will work for you.

Some of us have been there. We understand exactly what you are going through.

Life Comes First

We hold that the life you desire should always have priority over anything we can help you with. What this means is, we make sure our solution protocols, our engagement, and our recommendations, all fit into your lifestyle and not the other way around. Fundamentally, we do not recommend any course of action without considering its efficacy within the boundaries of what you like to do and what is possible for you to do with reasonable ease. 

We recognize that every day there is a balance to be achieved between living that day and managing your blood sugar level. There always will be good days and bad days. The value we bring is to help you maintain the best possible balance no matter what the day throws at you.

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We Show You How

We know that you want to beat diabetes. That you understand how dangerous uncontrolled diabetes is. That it impacts not just your life but also the happiness of everyone around you, especially the people who are committed to taking care of you. But as it happens so often you probably could use some of the experience we bring with us, and use some of the tactics that could help you balance your blood sugar. In that sense, we think we are doing the smart thing by leveraging what you really want to do and simply showing you how to do it.

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Nudge To Motivate

Imagine this. A mother stops by her kid, and gives her a gentle shake of the shoulder, “Wake up dear! Time to get ready.” And the kid mumbles and pretends to wake up and dozes as soon as the mother is gone. The mother comes back after a few minutes and this time her voice is sharp and stern. The kid half gets up from bed but falls back as soon as she leaves. The third time around, the mother simply comes and stands close to where she is sleeping. Says nothing does nothing. Something makes the young girl open her eyes and see her mother standing close with a look on her face. Quietly the little girl gets up and without a word gets into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Once this small detail is taken care of, the mother now returns to the million other things she needs to pay attention to.

This is a nudge. As a matter of fact, this is one form of nudging. This is what we do for you. We are gentle, firm, personal, and yet professional in how we keep you motivated to do the thing you really want.


Walk In Your Shoes

We have chosen to be on this journey with you. Therefore, fundamentally our HumLife360 Friends are people who relate to or understand your circumstances and situations very closely. What this means for you is we are practical in ways that work for you on a daily basis, day after day after day. Our down-to-earth approach is also key to gaining your trust and affection. This helps us in identifying and resolving real problems with real solutions in a way that makes sense for you.

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