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For Individuals

Principles of HL360

Principles of HumLife360

Life comes first

We show you how

Nudge to motivate

Walk in your shoes

We at HumLife360 are looking to help you manage your condition within the boundaries of your life. Our approach is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle by focusing on managing diabetes in a holistic manner.

We know you have the desire to take control of diabetes, but life comes in the way. HumLife360 shows you how. Easily and for life.

We understand that everyone is different, so we build nudges that specifically work for you. Personalization is key.

We've been there. Our personal stories, combined with our experience, is what created this platform. We understand exactly what you go through, and we want to help provide you with the means to get past it so that you can reach your best self.

Life Comes First

Our approach makes it easier for you to meet your lifestyle needs. We were created in response to the increasing complexity and pressure of managing diabetes, and recognize that this condition is now affecting many more people than ever before. By providing smart nudges supplemented by a range of insights around how to manage blood glucose levels, we help make sure you can plan for and enjoy your life.

This is why we strive to make sure that our engagement and recommendations all fit into your lifestyle. In fact, we are built on a platform that gives you the flexibility to manage your life with diabetes. We are designed to fit into your life and not the other way around. We recognize that good days and bad days are a part of every person’s life. The value we bring is to help maintain the best possible balance no matter what day throws at you.

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We Show You How

We know that you want to beat diabetes. That you understand how dangerous uncontrolled diabetes is. That it impacts not just your life but also the happiness of everyone around you, especially the people who are committed to taking care of you. But as it happens so often, you probably could use some of the experience we bring with us, and use some of the tactics that could help you balance your blood sugar. We believe that you are committed enough to beat diabetes. However, commitment must use direction as well. That is wat we do. Show you the ways you are most likely to succeed and nudge to keep you motivated to move in that direction.

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Nudge To Motivate

This simple example of a mother waking up a child is not only great for really understanding how nudging can work but also gives us a glimpse of the range and power of nudging. A gentle nudge like the first attempt to awaken her child. If that doesn't do the trick then the mother starts using stronger nudges until finally, she uses something as simple as her presence and 'the look' to cause the child to wake up and go about her business.

This is what we do for you. We are gentle, firm, personal, and yet professional in how we keep you motivated to do the thing you really want. What this means is that we do things that prevent you from sliding into your comfort zone and getting distracted by stuff that sounds more interesting (and easy) at the moment. We try to help you build discipline and focus on wanting what is in your best interests. We believe in your ability to be all that you can be!


Walk In Your Shoes

HumLife360 Friends are people who relate to or understand your circumstances and situations very closely. What this means for you is we are practical in ways that work for you on a daily basis, day after day after day.

Our friendly way is also a way to bring you closer to your friends and family. People in your life who you can trust and relate to, people who truly understand you. We’ve identified a way to make this happen and have chosen to be on this journey with you.

Last but not least, our down-to-earth approach is also key to gaining your trust and affection. This helps us in identifying and resolving real problems with real solutions in a way that makes sense for you – because starting from our founder, so many of us have walked in your shoes!

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