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How We Do It

We use Behavior Science and Artificial Intelligence to drive and deliver a solution to one of the world's greatest issues.

What we do

The problem we are addressing

Diabetes Type 2 patients lack the motivation to maintain a reasonably consistent regimen of diet and exercise across the duration of their entire life. Not surprising, it’s extremely difficult to do.

However, successful long term management of Diabetes Type 2 requires reasonably consistent exercise and appropriate diet for the life of the patient.

The lack of life-long, sustainable motivation to lead a Diabetes-friendly lifestyle is killing people with Diabetes.


In 2021, the number of people who died because of Diabetes related causes*



Of these deaths occurred could have been prevented by keeping these patients simply motivated to live just a little better everyday.

Our Solution

HumLife360 has developed a behavioral nudging platform driven by Artificial Intelligence that identifies and isolates successful key individual motivation triggers in human interaction and can simulate that efficacy in a software system. Our platform smartly nudges a Diabetes Type 2 customer to do that one thing today in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle, that they did not do yesterday. And keeps them motivated to do so, one day at a time, every day, for the rest of their life. This helps reduce or eliminate Diabetes related long-term health impacts including death. Our patent-pending protocols are roughly 75% more effective in quickly understanding dynamic changes in the customer's lifestyle, as compared to other contemporary solutions. Our method and our solution architecture allow us to cut costs by 33%. We are therefore able to pass on significant savings to our customers.

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How it works

Target Specific Conditions

We target specific conditions and identify the core problem or context.

Understand Behavior Markers

We understand the behavior markers for an individual for that specific context.

Construct the Nudge

We construct nudges algorithmically to match with the individuals behavior makers.


We observe, measure and adjust the motivational outcomes for an individual based on the nudges.

Measure Motivational Outcome
Achieve Balanced Lifestyle

We achieve and constantly adjust the balance between Lifestyle and A1c Levels.

Solution delivery

Customer Community

Developing the community around the Customer

Smart Messaging

All components bundled together intelligently to have the necessary impact

Personalized Nudges

Developing and communicating the nudges to keep the customer motivated

Diabetes Awareness

Providing relevant and just needed education to the customer

Personalized smart lifestyle choices for the patients to select from, to follow, and the empathetic nudges needed to adhere to the choices they made; day after day.

We deliver a Best Balance Path (BBP), a set of smart actionable options that a patient selects from, do to. These are designed to maintain low & consistent Blood Sugar levels. And then, provide the education, coaching and motivational nudges to help them adhere to their selection.

Friendly Engagement

Proving friendly and timely interaction that the customer needs to remain motivated

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