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A little motivation goes a long way

We make managing Diabetes Type 2 simpler and cheaper by using Smart Nudges to motivate people to live a more Diabetes friendly life.

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Very Easy To Use

Log in from your smartphone or web browser for just 5 minutes a day

Choosing small changes

You choose your own Best Balanced Path to control your blood sugar levels. We recommend simple, manageable changes to help you manage your blood sugar levels and improve each aspect of your life.


Personalized Nudging 

HumLi your in-app assistant will nudge you smartly to take action on the things that will help you reach your goals faster.


Tracking Vitals

Tracking your blood sugar is important. Measurement alone can give you control. Control and confidence get back to living your best life.


Tracking food

We know our users love to track their food. That’s why our system learns what you’re eating and helps you stick to your goals.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Don't take our word for it. We tracked 150 users for 7 months to prove it -- this works!


Active Participants in our trial


Average decrease in Blood Glucose


Number of months blood glucose stayed down


What Makes HumLife Special?


We are the most friendly advisor you will ever have. Our approach is based on professional 
but an engaging way of bringing out your own strengths.



Since we intend to be your lifelong partner, we have consciously designed our systems to meet that goal. Our technology and our operational innovation allow us to be the most efficacious and economical option for you out there.


Lifelong Companionship

Since your diabetes isn't going anywhere, neither are we. We don't have any short-term programs. 

We are on this journey with you for life. 

Unbelievable simplicity

Everything in how we design your experience on our platform, our engagement with you, and the fact that you have to spend not more than five to seven minutes on the app, basically means that we are the easiest to integrate into your life and not have to think about it too much at all. 



“I really like how it only takes 5 minutes a day and meetings with my coach are only 5-10 minutes.”
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