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  • Your questions our answers!
    Sun, Nov 07
    Online Web Meeting
    Nov 07, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
    Online Web Meeting
    Diabetes can be managed smartly and we can help you do it! Join Dr. Aarti Manchanda and our CEO Harsh Mulik as the answer the most common questions that you have!
  • Why our customers love us!
    Sun, Nov 14
    Web Meeting
    Nov 14, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+5:30
    Web Meeting
    Diabetes can be managed smartly and we can help you do it! Join our CEO and team to get a personal introduction to what we do and how what makes us so effective. This is a completely free event. Feel free to invite other you think might find this useful.
  • You CAN do it. We can help!
    Sun, Nov 21
    Web Meeting
    Nov 21, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+5:30
    Web Meeting
    You will still have to take the decisions and to manage your Diabetes! Join our team and our CEO to get a personal introduction to how a supervised and assisted lifestyle can help you balance your Diabetes for life. No event charge.


Check us out. Refer us. Join one of our weekly web meetings to learn more or request a personal demo.

We address Diabetes T2, Pre-diabetes and in doing so we deal with obesity and with depression. 

The mission of HumLife360 is to make it simpler for Diabetics to manage their condition and so let them focus more on what’s really important in their life. HumLife360 does that by providing motivation services for Diabetes management. Motivation is the fundamental factor that makes an individual with Diabetes do the one thing today in terms of lifestyle that, for whatever reason, they did not do yesterday. And we help them do it again the next day, and the day after, and day after day after that. We can help them every day for life and we make it very easy to do do. In 2018, HumLife360 completed a trial In India with about 150 patients with very encouraging results. The learnings were incorporated into the solution and provisional patents were filed in 2019. We launched formal operations on July 4th 2020. In a very crowded arena, what sets us apart is our simplicity, scalability and embedded customer sticky model. Learn more about our system.


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