HumLife 360 is an end-end comprehensive platform that allows the person with Diabetes Type II to manage their Lifestyle. Using the HumLife360 solutions components spread across mobile devices and motivational inputs, community support, we assist our subscribers to drive a balance between the needs of regulating Diabetes and the real requirement of living a full life in spite of it.

For the individual, we customize our methods and approach with a view to keep our subscriber on the path to success. i.e. an eventual lowering of Blood Sugar levels and/or HbA1C levels.  We recognize that our approach is novel and its takes time for to embrace sustained habit forming change. That is where our cutting edge technology works in a manner to understand each individual unique motivational needs.

For the community, we have a unique approach as well. We are determined to prevent the spread of Diabetes; we take this as seriously as we take our solution to help people manage it. Our proprietary technology allows us to classify an individual very narrowly in regards to their diabetes propensity. It’s a first in the industry and allows to to tailor our assistance in ways that were just not possible before.