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Referral Associate

As a referral associate, you will provide us with references and introductions into the Corporate world in India. Our sales and marketing team, along with the CEO will ultimately be responsible for the sale.

For making the connection and optionally supporting the sale, your referral fees can go into lakhs of Rupees. Make money while helping save lives.

HumLife360 uses Behaviour Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Intelligent Automation to deliver highly personalized Smart Nudges so that people with Diabetes are motivated to do one thing today to keep their blood sugar balanced. And stay motivated the next day and the next, for the rest of life, if needed.

What Is HumLife360 Smart Nudging

How It Works

  • You will be a commission-only Consultant with a Marketing Manager profile, giving you online access to all your referrals on our application platform.

  • Compensation is available at both stages: 

    • Stage 1: You will get compensated every time HumLife360 completes an employee orientation program at a corporation you have referred. Compensation is capped at Rs. 10,000 per corporation.

    • Stage 2: Compensation is available as a commission for every employee who converts as a customer of HumLife360.

  • Commission Structure:

Commission Structure.png

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