For Covid-19, just follow Data and Science. Really? And what does that have to do with HumLife360?

Science has played a major role in the development of our society. This development contributes greatly to almost every aspect of our daily life. Furthermore, it has made our lives easier and carefree. Science has answered questions from what is an atom made of to what is this universe made up of. One could say that practically, every aspect of life is one way or another governed by Science and at its foundation, data. However, Science and Data are only concerned with accumulating and understanding observations of the physical world. That understanding, although critical to life as a human, alone solves no problems. Let us explain.

It is a cliché, but it works here. Take the example of the glass half filled with water. Data and Science will inform you, in detailed mathematical terms if necessary, that it is indeed, a glass half full. Now, work with me and allow your imagination to take this example into a political context. The emptiness of the glass represents a person’s failure to achieve. It represents the things that a person would like to have in Society and does not yet possess them.

Two people, standing on two sides and who view the same half-filled glass, want to top up the glass, or possess material things that they yet to do not possess. Let’s see how they may relate to this half-empty and half-full glass very differently. One of them focuses on the empty part of the glass and launches into an explanation why, in order to top it up, he is entitled to social assistance. He asks for free aid, complains that he never got any breaks, and blames the glass being half empty as the reason for him failing. He says that he can only fill up the half-empty part of the glass if Society helps him or gives him a handout. The other viewer who also wants to fill up the glass has a different perspective. Before anything else he notes that while it may be half-empty, it is also half-full. He knows he must have done something right in order for the glass to be half-full. He posits that he is motivated to fill it up by working for it, taking responsibility for it, and bringing about changes in his life that would help him fill it up. Or in our parallel dimension, this second person says that he rejects the notion of holding Society responsible for his lack of possessions, and that he will work in order to possess those things. In this manner, he says, he will fill up the half-empty part of the glass.

Point is, facts are facts. In a general manner of speaking they are the Data and the Science. What you do with them and how you apply them to your life is an entirely different subject.

Consider the situation with the Covid-19 virus. From around January of this year, scientists have been accumulating data about the behaviour of the virus. And they have analysing this data using the methods of science. Leaders, community activists, media hosts and other personalities very often talk about following the Science and the Data in deciding how best to handle this very public situation. On one side of the spectrum is the option of the Government forcibly shutting down pretty much the whole planet, in order to keep human interaction at a minimum and hence eliminate or reduce the spread of the Virus. The opposite view is that, now that we more or less know the ways to mitigate the spread of the Virus, and we have treatment capacity for it, the Government should let life continue for all its citizens or in other words, should not shut down the world. From our example of the Glass above it’s easy to see that the proponent for self-determination would take personal responsibility for their own health outcomes and support keeping the world open. The other person probably would not. Which ever way you look at it, the same Data and Science have presented the world with hugely differing perspectives.

Science does not tell you how to use scientific knowledge. - it is your perspective, attitude towards life that will provide direction on how to use that knowledge. A significant number of humankind's most concerning outcomes are brought about by the choices people make in terms of actions or the lack of it, and not the absence of scientific data and information.

What does all of this have to do with HumLife360?

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the world and it claims almost 2 million lives every year. There is no doubt about the enormous resources available in terms of Clinical treatment as well as medication choices. However, the lack of even reasonable consistency in healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle choices is a huge contributor to this endemic.

HumLife360 is a system of friendly motivation that nudges a Diabetes Type 2 patient to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle in order to better balance and even temporarily reverse Diabetes Type 2. Our system is ridiculously easy to use for customers, while under the covers we combine award winning Behavioural Science and AI. We stick with the customer ensuring they are able to live life to the fullest while we help them to manage Diabetes. Think of us like having a Personal Trainer for life, except for Diabetes Type 2.

But does that pose a problem? HumLife360 does not possess a magic pill. A Personal Trainer (for maintaining a Diabetes-friendly lifestyle) for life that is cheap, always there, and always accessible would actually be a dream come true, or would it? And that’s the catch.

While the trainer is available but it has to be you who need to want to have that Personal Trainer. In order to want that, before anything else, you need to recognize that you are responsible for your own health. That you need to take the first steps in the direction of securing the services of that Personal Trainer and only then, can the Personal Trainer help you and motivate you to reach a balanced Diabetes-friendly lifestyle.

Imagine if you were the sort of person who looks to the Government or society for help in keeping you motivated. In the event that you do not remain motivated, you also find it easy to blame. And you go through life, in a manner of speaking, assuming the role of a person that Society did not pay attention to and care for.

At HumLife360, we just want to say we are rooting for the person who thinks they can and should have the greatest say in their own life and health. We are cheering the people who choose the responsibility of well thought through and rational self-determination. We are cheering for everyone who proclaims that it will their effort that will top up their glass.

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